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Conifer Tree

Conifer tree is a premium home decor brand who wishes to position itself as an (e-commerce first) premium home decor store predominantly for the Indian market. Their offerings include soft furnishings, accent pieces, dining and lighting. 

Medium Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,  and Procreate
Deliverables Brand Identity, Brand System and Brand Manual

Designed in collaboration with the team from
ColourCraft Studio (CCS)

Asset 24_4x.png
Asset 14_4x.png
Asset 22_4x.png
Asset 21_4x.png
Asset 18_4x.png

Signature Artwork

Asset 20_4x.png
Asset 17_4x.png
Asset 19_4x.png
Asset 16_4x.png
Asset 15_4x.png
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